Tivoli Artists Gallery is a warm and inviting space located in the historic village of Tivoli.  The entrances and gallery are all on street level with one small step up, and public areas are well lit during exhibits. It is wheelchair accessible, by way of a ramp we can employ, with double entry doors in both the front and rear of the gallery. Parking is available on the street in front of the gallery and in an adjacent lot in the back, with spots offering close proximity to the doors - there is room to pull up for drop off and pick up for those using a wheelchair or anyone needing extra care. The gallery can easily accommodate a wheelchair or any mobility aide once inside. 

TAG is committed to providing access to our website to people of all abilities. We have made good faith efforts to comply with ADA guidelines, however, if you have any questions or trouble navigating our website, or if there are any questions about accessibility to the gallery, please contact us directly. Thank you! 

Gallery Interior, showing artwork from the Dialog show