Alan Reich


Artist Statement

Alan Reich graduated from City College, CUNY in 1969. He continued his photographic studies at Parsons School of Design in 1974-75, where in addition to technical studies he was in Master Classes with Philippe Halsman and Benedict J. Fernandez.


Since 1976, Alan has been working as a designer and builder of furniture and cabinets. He uses mostly native hardwoods in his work. His designs reflect the influence of early 20thCentury furniture makers including those of the Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and Secessionist movements.


Alan’s photography includes abstract designs, street scenes and architectural compositions. He looks to the work of Walker Evans and Helen Levitt for instruction and inspiration in subject and composition, and locates color and form in commonplace scenes. He shoots 35mm color negatives and makes chromogenic prints.


A Photograph by Alan Reich showing a man walking on th streets of Cuba while a young child climbs a wheel
A Photograph by Alan Reich, showing a woman seated on the doorstep and a cobble stone street in Porto
Three nesting tables made of wood with black, gray and white painted panels
A wooden music stand made by Alan Reich