As long as I can remember I was interested in being creative. It was a challenge to allow myself the freedom to make art for art itself.  I started out as a potter, and still teach ceramics at the 92nd Street Y in NYC. Finding mixed media several years ago opened a new door for me to express myself. I often use clay in creating a story for a box. My boxes, assemblages and collages are a controlled chaos that is connected to an idea or concept I want the viewer to think about. 

Being a creative woman defines me and allows the viewer to get to know that part of me. Often my work has an organic feel that is inspired by found object, images, beauty, nature ideas and the imperfection and transience of life or Wabi-Sabi. When I start a new work, it is usually inspired from an idea not fully developed.

I enjoy letting the work find it's own intuitive voice as I attempt to find the exact object, material or perhaps a line to blend together to a complete creative vision to bring the work to life.