Filtered through memory, my work examines the mysterious forces of the physical world and investigates our fragile position in the universe through the intersection of natural and technological modalities. I construct places, worlds, cosmologies that are represented both in the outer world of nature and the inner world of the psyche. Creating a multi- dimensional  collision of realms, the glimmer of unexpected openings provides inspiration for the process of painting. My painting process relates to the process of transcendence and transformation in which magic happens through abstraction. With more than a nod to landscape and the body and earth ecology, I offer a meditation on art and culture through the appropriation and juxtaposition of silhouette forms and stencils, symbols from lost civilizations, borrowed from art history and the collective unconscious. The autobiographical thread pervades. Each painting is part of the mapping of my life. Included in my glyphic  alphabet of icons, cell structures  abound as well as organic foliage forms and fragments of landscape.