Melissa Braggins

artist statement

Through my artwork, I try to capture a fleeting moment of time.  I am struck by a variety of images that compel me to create.  Nature plays an important role in what I want to portray together with the intricate emotions and relationships between people. The constant state of flux which is shared in both nature and in people make it important to embrace the intensity of the moment. 

The juxtaposition of color, shape, texture, line, and detail provides me with a means to add richness and depth to my images. I enjoy working with formal aspects of art as well as the emotional complexity of ideas and feelings. It is exciting to have the freedom to explore and to combine different materials and processes. 

I work in a variety of media including printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, papermaking and ceramics. The pursuit of letting different processes play a role in directing how I construct my work is both challenging and gratifying.  It is a constant give and take between the original concepts and how the work develops. I would like my work to offer a way to connect to the elusive qualities of a moment and to provide a chance to look closely at what surrounds us.


Artwork by Melissa Braggins "Early Light," a painted pael featuring flowers and trees