Thank you for your interest
in TAG.

We are a community-based organization operated by and for artists. TAG is dedicated to the artistic expression and growth of its members by featuring a variety of monthly exhibits and programming, and through other duties associated with our gallery. There are no paid staff positions, and members perform all phases of TAG's creative and administrative tasks. In joining, members become part of a working team of people responsible for the success and growth of TAG and our vibrant community.

Levels of Membership

We have five levels of membership, so you can find one right for you.  For the full list of requirements and  responsibilities, along with the membership application, please click here.

Regular Membership

This membership is open to all artists who are willing to fulfill the correlating responsibilities, including gallery sitting, curating exhibits, attending meetings and working on promotion and PR.

Gallery Sitting. Regular Members have full sitting responsibilities. 

Premier Membership

This membership is open to all artists who can attend meetings, take on a job, serve on committees, and take an active role in curating and contributing time and effort to each show they participate in. 

Gallery Sitting. Premier Members do not have any sitting responsibilities. 

Associate Membership

Associate Members are allowed to participate in two group exhibits at the gallery as well as the Holiday Show (Nov/Dec). This membership is for one year only, and may upgrade to Regular Membership.


Gallery Sitting. Associate Members will be responsible for 2-3 sitting dates per year.


Sitting Membership

This membership offers involvement and support of the gallery and the arts, and pays no dues. Instead, as an ambassador for TAG, they commit to gallery sitting throughout the year.

Gallery Sitting. Sitting Members are great volunteers and follow a sitting schedule of 14-16 slots during the year. 

Intern Membership

Interns participate in the gallery for a period of three to six months - they curate a show, sit at the gallery, organize a gallery event and attend member meetings.

Gallery Sitting.  Interns sit as needed during their internship time period.


Gallery Interior, showing artwork from our Tivoli show