Ted Braggins

artist statement

My work uses the landscape as source material for expression on many different levels. The breaking of the traditional picture plane into spaces that can function as pure form while working spatially is integral to the image structure. I like to be able to take apart space and then re-create it in an altered form using line, shape, color and texture. The landscape images that I have been working with are used as metaphors for emotional qualities and are expressions of personal meaning. I believe in a psychological form of landscape that is able to represent aspects of human feeling. I also use solitary images of forms in nature such as rocks, cliffs, waves, herons or trees that have qualities to produce perplexity and contemplation.

My work describes a sense of place in the Hudson Valley, Central New York, in the Adirondack Mountains or other areas where I have lived such as New Mexico and Colorado. I am interested in depicting the long view and will often select roads, distant mountains or valleys. Free standing trees in full bloom or in decline with broken branches are also sources of inspiration. The single tree images evoke feelings of mystery and transformation while giving pause for reflection. I believe that the features within a view shed can show life cycles and change while providing for a personal interpretation of the landscape.

The works are produced on paper in a variety of media. Many are monotypes or combined with additional print media. I find that working in printmaking provides me with a level of control that allows for the use of strong color, layering and transparency. The works that are produced may seem flat while having depth and richness. Some pieces are ghost impressions that when re-worked develop different visual solutions than with a first, pulled print. Other works are tree images scratched into photo emulsion that create immediacy and directness.

All works are hand printed by the artist, at Pondside Press Graphics Workshop in Rhinebeck, NY, founded in 1985.


Artwork by Ted Braggins "Catskils From Columbi County," showing a green field and blue mountains in the distane