Tivoli Artists Gallery presents THE SMALL WORKS SHOW featuring the art of nearly 30 artists working in a variety of methods, media, and of expression. Size is the only limitation in this exhibit of works no larger than approximately 11 X 14 inches. The size limitation imposed on the artists created a necessity to pack a lot of information into small compositional frameworks.


Visitors to the gallery will enjoy seeing paintings, photographs, ceramics, prints, sculpture and mixed media pieces on a very small scale to the size of a large notebook. Presented in this exhibit are works in many styles and forms. These include abstract expressionism, realism, and images of deep personal meaning.  In contrast, there are works that are more whimsical in nature while others are poignant statements on subjects of importance to the particular artist.


Whatever a person’s individual tastes might be, THE SMALL WORKS SHOW is sure to have something of interest for nearly everyone. Along with the variety in over 100 pieces on display, many works are offered at a price point that makes acquiring an original artwork accessible.


The exhibit opens with an artist’s reception on Saturday, September 24 from 5 - 7 PM. Please take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy a unique exhibit that is both large, and small in size!


Participants in the show are: Ania Aldrich, Elisabeth Barnett, Melissa Braggins, Ted Braggins, Dot Chast, Marie Cole, Elizabeth Dama, Peter Dama, Peggy Farrington, Lindsey Fisher, Kathleen Gefell, Janene Gentile, Lana Hirsch, Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, Linda Lavin, Ann Moring, Gina Palmer, Kevin Palfreyman, Joleen Roe, Cecelia Sinclair, Guy Sobering, Terry Stickel, Fumiko Sugaya, Silvana Tagliaferri, Alan Reich, Marianne Van Lent, and Elizabeth Young.

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