Tivoli Artists Gallery’s EXPLORING PAPERWORKS opens on July 1 and continues through July 24, with an opening reception on Saturday, JULY 2, from 5-7 PM. 


Paper has a long history in helping to advance human civilization. As paper-making developed, its content shifted from fine Asian plant materials, to worn out hemp and flax rags, to cellulose pulp from trees for mass-produced newspaper and cardboard. Today, ironically, most of the world’s money is printed on paper from Crane Paper Mills, that originated in Dalton, MA, and is made using cotton undergarment scraps sourced from textile mills around the world!


What’s on your paper? Advocacy, Social Justice, Documentary Photography, Protest Posters, Zines, Comics, Humor or Whimsy. These and many other contemporary processes, all have on-going relationships with paper. TAG artists were asked to consider how paper supports their medium. Painting, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Illustration, Collage, Sculpture and Installations, in all paper-media forms and sizes were encouraged. We have curated a diverse show that honors the history and variety of paper arts.


Visit during weekend gallery hours, or make an appointment for a quiet personal weekday tour.


HOURS: Friday 1:00-8:30 PM, Saturday 12-8PM, Sunday 1-5 or by appointment 845-757-2667 at www.tivoliartistsgallery.com




Participating Artists:  Ania Aldrich, Melissa Braggins, Dot Chast, Marie Cole, Elizabeth Dama, Peter Dama, Peggy Farrington, Lindsey Fisher, Janene Gentile, Lana Hirsch, Valerie Hoffman, Darius Homayounpour, Linda Lavin, Ann Moring, Gina Palmer, Demoy Shilling, Terry Stickel, Fumiko Sugaya, Anne Marie Uebbing, Marianne Van Lent, Claudia Waruch, Elizabeth Young.

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